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Aldis Enterprises is a professional Home Inspection service, serving most of Northern California. Owned and operated by Jim Pemberton, a InterNACHI Certified Inspector, with over 25 years of experience in construction trades, home repair, remodeling, property management and inspections combined. 16 years' experience with HA, CalHFA, and HUD inspections as well, performing Escrow, Pre-Listing and General Whole House Inspections since 2013. Detailed electronic reports including summaries and photos available within 24 and sometimes the same day for time sensitive cases. A hard copy of each report is also available to each client upon request. Flexible scheduling, with weekend Inspections always available. 5 Star Rating on Angi, and most Inspections are under $500! For more information or for an immediate price quote, call, email, or text anytime. Contact,

Jim Pemberton, Certified Home Inspector

(530) 513-7958

Why a Home Inspection you ask?


Buying a home is likely the most significant investment in your lifetime, so it is vital for you, and all parties involved, to have a detailed whole house inspection, or a "home health check-up" if you will, to identify and make recommendations for correction of any problems or issues with the home.

Why a Certified Home Inspector, and not just a General Contractor?


Though general contractors are experienced in building homes, Certified Home Inspectors are specifically trained in inspecting existing homes, especially older homes where codes and building practices may have been different. A Certified Inspector is up to date on these changes and can identify and and report on a home's condition much more accurately based on it's age and wear.



Should I use an on-site reporter, or "checklist" inspector because they are faster?


On-site reporting can NEVER be fully accurate, and will always lack detail. Checklist reports are outdated and far too limited. The only proper way to do a Home Inspection of true value is by completing an extensive physical inspection, with digital pictures, notes, and even videos, followed by a detailed section by section written report with all of the findings and general specifications of the home included. This can only be accomplished by using up to date software, and adequate time and thought put into each report.

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